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Intrastate Subcommittee Meeting Agenda

October 22, 2003

9:00 am

 Location:  SC Coastal Conservation League

328 E. Bay St.  *  Charleston, SC



1. Notice/Intervener – read the 1982 Committee recommendations on the website

2. Regulated Riparian – It’s a lot of reading, but skim the attached files (Delapenna, and Model Regulated Riparian Code -Note these documents are only for Committee use and not for public distribution, due to copyright fair use restrictions)

3.  Instream flow – read the 1982 Committee recommendations

4.  Review and consolidation of current laws – review the draft Surface Water Act on the website

5.  State Water Plan – additions and/or revisions - review the 2003 draft on the website

6.  Impoundments – do we need more or less

7.  Groundwater – permitted use?  See regulated riparian references above

8.  Water Quality – considerations and impact of water quantity on quality

9.  Stormwater and infiltration – see Dr. Bud Badr’s Powerpoint on the website

10.  Other topics

o       Outside speakers

o       Public input

o       Other Issues which should be considered


The next meeting is via conference call:

Wednesday, October 29, 2003 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.