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First Full Committee Meeting Agenda

September 5, 2003


  1. Introduction of Members and Opening Comments

  2. Hydrology 101

  3. Issues Identification:

    A.  Notice/Intervener statute.  Since private riparian suits can create precedents that may affect many others’ rights, there may be a need for the State to receive notice of these suits and have the right to seek intervention.

    B. Regulated Riparian statute.  The State of Georgia last year struggled with modification of their state water permitting system as some sought to establish permits as property rights and others were concerned about maintaining water as a public trust.  South Carolina allocates the assimilative capacity of our water bodies to protect surface water quality, but has not addressed surface water quantity permitting.  Given the growth in water use and the need to protect instream flows, what is the best approach for us?

    C. Drought Response Act.  The recent drought has shown that amendments to the Drought Response Act could make it more effective.

    D. Interstate Compacts.  We have issues on both of our borders that may or may not be best resolved through interstate compacts.

    E. FERC Relicensing.  The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is presently reissuing 30-50 year operating licenses for most of the hydroelectric facilities in South Carolina, and many in North Carolina that have direct impacts on our state.  We are presently working on this issue with the electric utilities, but this issue needs further review.

    F. State Water Plan.  South Carolina is operating under an existing State Water Plan.  That plan is presently under revision and needs review by this panel.

  4. Subcommittee Interests

  5. Next Meeting
    Saturday, October 4, 2003?
    Tuesday, October 7, 2003?